Salaisuus Earrings

When I loook at an oyster and her pearls or on pea pod with it's peas I feel a sense of intimacy, as if nature was inherent.This concept is highlighted in the Salaisuus jewel.
The pod or the oyster is the mother of the white pearls that with their force are shaping the structure of the pod,taking nutrition from it and at the end being separated from it.
Separation symbolizes the creative yet destructive force of nature that both fascinates us as well as reminds us that certainty does not belong to humanity.
Summer is strongly present in this jewel. Finns love to shell the peas and simply eat them on the go. It is one of the beautiful rituals that dispel the shadow of winter and reassure us that summer is here. Our thoughts naturally head towards our childhood,the treasure trove of our most sublime memories.

matt inner side and shiny outside
3 cultivated sweet water pearls, 4 mm diameter
rhodium plated

size L 35 mm long, hook

size S 11 mm long, stud


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