Lorukoru is a Finnish jewellery company created by Charlotta Eskola and Bruno Stampone, a Finnish-Italian designer couple. Lorukoru jewels embody the unique union of the two artists, merging the naturalness and the minimalism of Finnish design with the creativity of the Italian jewellery tradition.

In Finnish "loru" means rhyme and "koru" means jewellery. The name Lorukoru is an everyday reminder for us to be creative and playful. In Bruno's dialect at home in Abruzzo, Italy, L'oru means gold and Coru means heart. So Lorukoru is something you've put your heart in to.

Lorukoru’s story began in Mexico some 20 years ago, where Charlotta and Bruno met a local silversmith. In exchange for their camera, he promised to learn them everything he knew about the metal. Ever since, silver has been the both the source and channel for our creativity.

Silver is a sustainable material that can be endlessly recycled. At Lorukoru, we only use recycled silver and eco-labelled packaging.

Something you have put your heart into never goes out of fashion. A Lorukoru piece will last you for a lifetime and beyond.