Hope is what drives us. High walls have been erected around our thoughts, unimaginable until some time ago. Walls of this magnitude were previously unknown to our generation. It is difficult to look further, difficult to imagine an imminent future.

 We need dreams. We must learn to bear uncertainty and fear, without being paralyzed by them. Whenever you believe it is the end of the world, it never is.

 But we cannot think of an uncertain tomorrow, thinking of solving it with the same tools that we solved yesterdays’ problems with. We need to change: deconstruct thinking. Either by breaking it down and reassembling it in a different way. At random if you want but not like yesterday. We awaken that little visionary within us.

 To a writer used to narrating in prose I would suggest poetry at this time. Poetry does not need be structured. Poetry must not be channelled to a plot that makes sense for the reader. Poetry must not submit to the expectations of an author.

 Poetry speaks to the heart. In metaphors. They tell us about an imaginary world that brings us back to reality. Images. Sometimes they are indecipherable. We don’t get the sense of it.

 Metaphors are like dreams that come to us at night. How many times do those incomprehensible dreams take hold of our mind even during the day?

 Incomprehensible glimpses of truth, not caught by rationality but rather as benevolent and / or malevolent worms that act on our life incessantly.

 I wish everyone would look to the heart. To dream. Grasp the countless meanings of dreams.

 We dream of those little signs of love given to others.

 We dream in our jewels.




 The inspiration of the Ilmatar collection is taken from the Finnish national epos, Kalevala.

  "The virgin of the air descends to the waters. Burdened by the wind and the water she makes herself into the mother of waters. A duck makes a nest on her knee and lays six eggs made of gold and one made of iron. The eggs fall and are shattered. Theshards become the earth, the sky, the sun, the moon and the clouds. The mother of waters creates capes, gulfs and land, as well as shallows ja deep trenches in the sea."